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Your Home Owners Association (HOA) is able to maintain a consistent look throughout the community because the governing documents (CC&Rs) give the HOA the power to approve all changes, modifications and/or improvements that home owners want to make to the exterior of their home or the front or backyard of their lot. This maintains the value of homes in the neighborhood and makes your home more desirable when you decide to sell.

Commonly Used Information:

  • When do I need to fill out and submit a PIC?
  • Property Improvement Handbook
  • PIC Application Form
  • Fence Addendum for PIC Application - (this must be included, filled out and signed along with the PIC if you are building a fence)
  • Find your Site Plan - (this needs to be attached to the PIC Form)
  • Proper Street Tree Maintenance - Street trees are covered by the CC&Rs. Owners cannot remove the street trees. They must be maintained by proper techniques. We recommend using a licensed arborist or tree trimming company. Improperly maintained trees or trees that die must be replaced by the home owner.
  • List of Acceptable Street Tree Species - Street Tree health is covered by the CC&Rs. You must properly maintain your tree. If you improperly prune your tree or it dies, you will be required to replace it. A PIC will be required to be submitted prior to replacement. You are also required to submit a PIC if you are going to do anything to your street tree (e.g., relocate it, replace it with another species). Trees marked in YELLOW COLOR are acceptable replacements in Fern Crest.

Before you make any exterior changes to your house or yard, you must submit a completed PIC application and receive written approval. Remember that this can take up to 30 days, so plan ahead. You must attach a copy of your site plan with changes shown on the site plan. A copy of your site plan is in your home owner’s manual, given to you by Quadrant. You may also find it using this link: SITE PLANS

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